Nov 26, 2010

This Years Stuff

This year really flew by, hey, and before you know it one catches oneself wondering what it is one had done in all that time. This year for me was quite a mixed bag of different animation styles, Storyboards for advertising, character Illustrations for a book series, funny stories and of course people. A really good mix and very rewarding. "Werner 5" was one of the first and if you arent familiar with it, its based on a successful German comic to a point where they made a fifth feature film from it. . I did about a months worth of work, a little bit of Workbooking followed up by Animation key framing. The style of the characters quite fun to draw and animate . Heres a Pic , but not from the film, just to give you an idea of the style

After and during Werner I also worked on development for an 30 minute animation sequence for a documentary that myself and director Claudia Schmid are trying to get film funding for. I cant share what the idea is but should it work out I think it will be a great project to be involved in.

Next was "Cowboy Klaus und das Pupsende Pony " (Cowboy Klaus and the Farting Pony) .Yep, you read it alright! This was a really, really fun project and I found myself chuckling quietly, quite often while animating pony farts. Some light adult relief from everyday daily stresses!!
Cowboy Klaus is based on a kids childrens book beautifully illustrated by a chap named Karsten Teich I believe. Heres a sample.

Next stop Brussels, Belgiam to work on a feature film project based on a famous French comic. "Titeuf". This was also a wonderful experience and I´m glad I was involved. The style was quite tough to get into but at same time good fun and something new to try out. People were great as well, but that normally goes without saying in the animation industry.
Another sample.

I also did a storyboard for a transport company for an advertisement that they are making to promote themselves, and as soon as I am allowed to post it I will put ip up.
Well thats whats been done and at the moment Im working on a short animation called " Nelli " for JEP Animation a local studio here in Köln and it will be screened on a local TV network here as well. Along side that I am in the process of creating some title character illustrations for a book series that should be launched next year.

Thats the wrap.

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