Mar 4, 2019

Airport Cellars

This is a large chalkboard I did for Airport Cellars like the one I did for Market cellars. Same style but this time focusing on Gin instead of wine. 



These are three short films I worked on for an online film that parodies famous German rappers. Very basic stuff animation wise, but was fun designing Backgrounds and in the case of the Elvis episode dressing the characters in Elvis costumes. I worked on it for Jan Phillip Hochstetter from MadeIncaravan while he was taking a break. 

 Babobus - Dinner for One

 Babobus Elvis Gebortstag

Babobus Wikepaedia Tag

Oct 1, 2018

Jim Murphys Market Cellars Blackboard

This is a large blackboard I did for a local liquor company in Canberra. The board is about 20 metres long and 1 metre high. The owner was looking for a spin on the wine making process so we went the slight steam punk way. Here are some close ups of the final board.

Jul 12, 2018

La Fameuse invasion de la Sicile par les ours

This is the latest film I worked on as a 2D animator "The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily ". A film produced by "3 Point 0 Studio" who are based in Paris and Angouleme. The director is Lorenzo Mattoti a successful illustrator who has had many of his illustrations featured on the cover of the "New Yorker". I worked mainly on the character Salpetre who can be seen in the snow image, the bear on the left of the front 3 bears. The story is based on a childrens book from 1945 written and illustrated by Dino Buzzati. I believe it should be released next year around May. 

Nov 20, 2017

Meryl and Clyde

This was initially a banner I created for MadeInCaravan but we are now developing it into a computer game. The basic premise is of an elderly lady who has dementia and has escaped a nursing home to be confronted with weird and wonderful adventures. 
The snow scene is in progress and the pond scene is how it would roughly look finished.

Jan 12, 2017

Concept Sketches

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Jan 11, 2017