Apr 6, 2010

Rudolf Rough Animation

I put together a bunch of rough animation scenes I did while working on the Rudolf TV series here in Cologne at local studio called JEP Animation. Its not specifically TV showreel stuff but more some samples of scenes that were fun to work on. These samples I took from five different episodes, sometimes a couple of actual scenes connected and sometimes not, so there isnt a great deal of logic in the way they are arranged its more to get an idea of what we had to work on. The final product has been cleaned and composited in Flash but the animators could choose to either animate it more traditionally with paper and then shoot it, or to draw straight into flash. I think in the end most animators decided the paper method which would then be taken into flash by using the movie file and then cleaned and Composited in Flash respectively. The quality of the video isnt great but hopefully I can find a better compression.
All animation is copyright © JEP Animation.

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