Mar 2, 2010

The Illusionist. New Footage.

I was lucky enough to see the premiere of "The illusionist" which I worked on for two years in Scotland and which was just recently screened at the Berlinale Film festival mid February. There were a whole group of us who had worked on it who managed to get there and get some tickets and finally see the finished result on the big screen with other film and animation enthusiasts. The response from the audience seemed to be quite good and apparently its getting pretty good reviews. I think there are areas in the film where it could have been better, but then its the usual thing of having been closely involved in the film, one ends up being quite critical and doesnt necessarily have an objective view anymore. Either way, its certainly worth a look at when it comes to the cinemas. The atmosphere in the film is stunning, and for those who have been to Scotland it will definately hit a spot as a large part of the film is based there.
Here is a link which has some sample footage and an interview with Sylvain Chomet the Director.

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