Aug 29, 2009


Well its been a while between drinks and since my last blog I have been working on a new TV series called Rudolf. Its a real contrast to the stuff I worked on in Scotland, going from realistic to a completley cartoony style. The character Rudolf basically goes from door to door selling something different each time ( episode that is) to an unsuspecting customer or should I say its more unsuspecting for Rudolf. Either way it ends up being a chain reaction of funny gags that have a cause and effect that liken it to Ren and Stimpy somewhat, just not as subversive and caters more for kids and adults alike.
Its produced by JEP animation and they have set it up in a way that each animator animates a whole episode which are approximatley 3 minutes long.This includes most effects as well as all characters. Which is great as you basically or almost have the episode to your name from a raw animation point of view and of course you dont need to worry about how scenes hook up as you are more or less dealing with yourself with regards to this. So far I have 3 episodes under my belt with a couple more to come and it has been really quite a fun experience and a refreshing change from the more traditional stuff I have worked on.
The director is a Belgian chap named Rudi Mertens who also does all the storyboards . For him its all about good laughs, so as long as you produce a chuckle he's a happy man. A good philosophy you'd have to say. I think it will be a really good to watch , its the kind of humour we all need when you have had a crap day at work and need a good laugh to calm the nerves. You can check out the trailer that was animated by Rudi at the link above at JEP animation and just go to" productions" and there it is "Rudolf".
I 'm not sure exactly when it comes out but it will be at least another six months I guess, but I will announce it as soon as it does and put some rough animation from the episodes I worked on online.

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